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It has been too long since my last post. All of my computers were in for repair for the last couple of months. When it rains it pours. Sadly I find that right now I have no inspiration to post so I will leave it just like this.

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I had to take my Cimone to the emergency room today.( I had a neurotic mom freak out.) She is losing hair like crazy, she's almost bald in some spots and she developed a squishy tumor looking growth on her side. I know you are thinking "well, maybe you should move away from the power plant!" but I live in the city, no power plants on this island..well none that I know of anyhow. To top things off she has a cut between her toes that is hugely infected and she won't quit licking it. Now I am from the country, the real country not the suburbs, so I know that dogs have that natural antibac thing in their mouths and its good or them to lick their wounds (real or otherwise) but the combination of everything was making me insane. the hair falling out the chomping on her toes and the growth on her side getting bigger and bigger, I was beginning to think she was a Stephen King dog! remember the one from tommyknockers? Anyway, the vet at the 55th and 9th Hospital told me the hair loss was due to the fact that she is blue and it is some kind of genetic flaw. She also said that she will always be bald and there are no supplements or diet changes that will help her. Does anyone know anything about this?? She didn't even do a skin scrape or blood test. Cimone has never lost her hair before. she's a very healthy (apart from today) one year old blue great dane, slightly lactose intolerant, but that is it! she weighs around 55kilos and eats at least 2-3 lbs of meat mixed with her kibble everyday. Eggs on sundays. I am beginning to think the vet is just out of vet school. she tried to refer me to a uc david website but then didn't write down the address or the diagnosis. She did give us some antibiotics or the cut but said nothing about the tumor growing on her side...hmmm. My house cal vet is coming on monday so maybe he can help her out, but I have lost my faith in vets for the day!! If anyone reads this and has any suggestions-please don't hesitate to write. My Girls self esteem is on the line. this is a dog who gets excited about her sweaters and falls in love with any male bigger than she is, ok some of the small ones too, but only the really BAD BOY small ones-she has standards you know.

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One of those freezing days in NYC again. I swore no more NY winters! (I swear this every year and it's been 4 now!) I would take a vacation and go to the islands-I was planning a trip to Seychelles and Africa as a surprise for my guy, but he is trying to pay off his CC so we can buy a house in the country (PA). So being the weak and often overly generous creature that I am I gave him 11k to pay off the card on the condition that he cancels it. He did cancel it and he paid off another card too, so we are getting down to almost no cc debt! I hate credit cards! I have personally never owned one, although I used my fathers once, much to his chagrin, and it wasn't pretty. alas, I was 19 and innocent (somewhat) about the ways of finance. I wont admit how much I spent but I will say it was under 5k. Since then I haven't used anything but my debit card. If I don't have the cash for it right now, I am not supposed to have whatever it is that I want, yet. (the emphasis on YET) It looks like I will be freezing for another month till I can make some more vacation money. God it all goes so fast!

Kaiser and Simone, my two Great Danes, are extremely bored today-it's been too cold to go to the park for more than 15 minutes at a time. too cold for me that is- they have snazzy new jackets and don't seem to mind the weather. I hear it is supposed to snow...If it's going to be this cold it should at least ice or snow a foot or something. That way, everything is shut down and there is no excuse to go outside! (apart from walking the monsters of course) enough about the weather and debt!
I wrote 3 pages of a new short last night. I have NO idea where it is going to go, but the characters are nicely flawed and I think I may have something with this one, lets see if I can finish it (shouldn't be a problem) the real problem is cleaning it up and submitting it-yikes! double yikes! I have a small collection of dusty never been looked at by anyone other than teachers and f and f. They all say SUBMIT, SUBMIT! I am assuming they are speaking about my writing...hmm..... something to ponder. back to the blinking cursor!

namaste everyone!
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I suppose I should start posting to this journal. I've been procrastinating about it big time.... Merde!

I decided to submit a story for competition today. Now I am trying to round up all the stories I have written thus far and weed through them for an orchid or two. It will be my first submission in 20 years of writing this and that here and there. Well...there was that Young Authors Competition when I was 10 (I think). I don't think that counts as published work. If I recall correctly, I won. hmmm, I'll have to ask mom 'bout that.. I'm one of those seriously reticent writers. my work is, quite literally, my children and I am a control freak type mom. God forbid I ever have children. I would have to get prenatal psychotherapy! Not that I don't want children someday but pets are enough for me right now. So here I am typing away on a website style journal that I doubt anyone will ever truly read when I should be working on my craft. Again, procrastination! Alright, I have beaten myself up enough and it is time for me to write something. Wish me luck, whoever you are!


that reminds me...Yoga tomorrow morning....

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